Dear Distinguished Members of the UPU Family,

As members of our great postal family, we were together in ─░stanbul at the 26th UPU Congress which lasted three weeks full of discussions, bilateral meetings, committee and plenary sessions and important decisions that will determine the future of our sector. It was a compelling period but in the end we have proved that we are all members of a committed family that unites all the peoples of the world. We have come to critical decisions with compromises in order to reach a solution of total consensus. That is the proof that we are all united and dedicated ourselves for the good of universal values.

The end of this historical congress is another good tiding for the whole postal family; it heralds the coming of World Postal Day. It gathers us together every year with a great enthusiasm. Thanks to this wondrous moment; we remember our friends across the world, our stakeholders, our citizens and most importantly our customers and therefore we strive for providing the best.
Sincerely yours,

Chairman of CA

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