As part of the 26th Universal Postal Congress Ministerial Conference, Chairman of the Board and Director General H.E. Kenan BOZGEYİK gave a speech at the panel titled “Posting the Future: A Global Coalition for Transformation” on the affects of the information sector on post, societies and the environemnt.

In his speech, H.E. BOZGEYİK mentioned the subject of e-commerce which has been discussed often during the 26th Universal Postal Congress and said: “At this stage, a consumer at one of the world can purchase products from a small business in the other end of the world. In order to remedy the inequalities in the world, our responsibility is to reach a high quality in deliveries in order to ensure that all people on earth can reach similiar products easily.”

H.E. BOZGEYİK emphasized the environment in his speech as well and drew attention to the fact that problems such as pollution and climate change has emerged due to importance being given to economic factors instead of environmental or social factors when dealing with development.  H.E. BOZGEYİK highlighted that postal organizations can contribute to leaving a more livable world to future generations by using electic vehciles and sending paper waste to recycling and further added that the 26th Universal Postal Congress has gone down in history as a paper-smart congress.

At the end of his speech, H.E. BOZGEYİK gave the following message: “The postal could be the locomotive of development by creating infastructures, giving incentives to sustainable industrialization and embracing innovation.

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