Hosted by our Post and Telegraph Organization Corporation under the auspices of the Ministry of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications and continuing in Istanbul, the 26th Universal Postal Congress is bearing witness to a historical meeting today. Organized within the scope of the congress, the “Universal Postal Union (UPU) Ministerial Conference” began at the Hilton Istanbul Bomonti Hotel and Conference Center with the attendance of ministers and deputy ministers from 50 countries. Sending in a congratulatory telegraph to the Ministerial Conference, our President H. E. Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN said, “It is of major significance for the promotion of our country that the World Postal Strategy to be adopted during the Congress will bear the name of our unique city of Istanbul. I believe that this Congress, in which works within the framework of innovation, integration and inclusion are carried out, will open up new horizons in the postal sector. I hope that the Congress will be fruitful, say ‘Welcome’ to our guests coming from abroad and salute all participants with sentiments from the heart.”


During the speech he delivered at the opening of the Ministerial Conference, our Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications H. E. Ahmet ARSLAN expressed that it is unavoidable that the postal sector will keep up with the change and transformation in the global world, underlined that many important changes took place under the leadership of the UPU and said, “Although we have taken giant steps that will take the postal sector to the global competitive world of our day, the sustainable development of our sector and its further development to the economy reveal that we still have a lot to realize in terms of the goals ahead. Thus, the strategy that will convey our sector to the future should be one of our most important tasks to be designated during this Congress, for we have to be stronger in the future than we are today.” Our Minister H. E. Ahmet ARSLAN pointed out to the importance of the Ministerial Conference and said the following: “During the Ministerial Conference guided by the theme  Sustainable Development: Connecting Citizens, Businesses and Territories, Esteemed Ministers, high-level decision makers, United Nations and Universal Postal Union officials and postal CEO’s will discuss how to render the postal sector more innovative, more inclusive and more profitable; meaning, how to touch lives and change them in every single corner of the world. The participants will also deliberate on the role assumed by postal services in battling poverty as well as sustainable and inclusive development and will make important decisions regarding this point. I believe that as a result of all of these, decisions of major significance will be taken. We will see more clearly the benefits to be brought about to citizens and governments by a postal sector strengthened by a holistic vision and collaborations, and will continue working with increased enthusiasm and determination.”


Our Minister H. E. Ahmet ARSLAN stated that the role that may be assumed by the postal sector in realizing the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations will be another important item on the Ministerial Conference agenda and went on to add, “I would like to express once again my faith that the postal sector can assume important duty in the realization of these goals.” Thanking everyone who has put their efforts into the organization, H. E. ARSLAN said, “The goals, which will determine the next four years and be referred to together with the Istanbul Postal Strategy are very important for the country, for the world, for humanity. I know that you esteemed guests and participants, aware of this importance, have been working on an intense schedule for 14 days and will Allah willing draw very important conclusions from here. Thus, I thank you once again for the decisions you are taking on this path that will serve humanity for the next four years.”


Our Chairman of Board and Director-General of Post and Telegraph Organization Corporation (PTT Corp.) H. E. Kenan BOZGEYİK, on the other hand, expressed his honor and pleasure about hosting the 26th Universal Postal Union Congress and said, “We have left behind very fruitful and successful two weeks in this important organization which we opened with the attendance of our Prime Minister H. E. Binali YILDIRIM. During this process, we held negotiations in order to determine the strategy we will follow between 2017-2020 as the postal sector. We will continue to discuss subjects acting as reforms for our Union and sector and to take the best decisions with common sense. In this sense, each and every single day of our Congress is very special, very important and very valuable for us. At the same time, these are historical moments.” Expressing that today the zenith meeting of the 26th Universal Postal Congress is being held, H. E. BOZGEYİK added, “Now our Istanbul hosts the UPU Ministerial Conference, organized in Doha for the first time. I would once more like to say ‘Welcome’ to our Esteemed Ministers we are hosting by means of the Conference. The presentations to be made and the decisions to be taken will show us the way and help our postal sector grasp the essence of time and meet the future. In sessions related to current agenda items of our sector, we will listen to our valuable guests and take important steps towards a more integrated and more efficient postal sector. I believe that the Ministerial Conference, in this sense, will offer an efficient working opportunity and provide a solid ground for transformation.”

Extending his thanks to the valuable names who have constantly offered their support, namely our Prime Minister H. E. Binali YILDIRIM, our Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications H. E. Ahmet ARSLAN, our Undersecretary and Honorary Chair of the Congress H. E. Suat Hayri AKA and UPU Director-General H. E. Bishar HUSSEIN, H. E. BOZGEYİK stated, “If we are hosting a successful congress today and are getting the results of our hard work, our Government, Ministry and the Universal Postal Union have a big share in this.” H. E. BOZGEYİK expressed his wishes for the Ministerial Conference to be beneficial for the postal sector.


Also delivering speeches at the opening of the Conference were Ivory Coast’s Minister of Post, Information Technologies and Communications H. E. Bruno Nabagne KONE and UPU Director-General H. E. Bishar HUSSEIN. H. E. KONE and H. E. HUSSEIN expressed their thanks to Turkey for the successful organization of the 26th Universal Postal Union and the warm hospitality. H. E. HUSSEIN stated, “The PTT officials and the Government have done everything to ensure that our time in Istanbul is spent enjoyably. In the name of the participants of the 26th Congress, I would like to offer my thanks for the opportunities you have provided us with. This organization will remain on our minds as a congress where pleasure met business.”


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